Crespel & Deiters Group at IFT First Chicago, Booth SB 137 – Let’s get the party started

Let’s get the party started! 

IFT First Chicago, Booth SB 137: Food ingredient solutions worth celebrating  

Ibbenbüren/Germany, June 2024 – Crespel & Deiters Group is inviting visitors to IFT First in Chicago to a very special house party at booth SB 137. The experts in starches and proteins will be celebrating their plant-based ingredients that support the creation of attractive and healthy food solutions for meat alternatives, bakery, breading and confectionery. The company’s ingredients are derived from the raw material wheat, from which it creates technically advanced and nutritionally sound, plant-based extrudates, binders, texturizers and breadings, all with impressive functionality.  

Markus Brümmer, Head of Sales Food International, says: “IFT First in Chicago is the ideal platform for us to speak to manufacturers who want to upgrade their products to be more innovative without loss of quality or appeal. At our booth, we will showcase our holistic concepts for a multitude of applications, especially for the plant-based, bakery, breading and confectionery markets.”   

Too good to be true: Plant-based meat replacement 

Plant-based proteins are the key to economical, nutritious and sustainable meat alternatives. Crespel & Deiters Group has a range of wheat-based offerings, as well as application-oriented manufacturing expertise to perfectly mimic various types of meat and fish with authentic mouthfeel. All ingredients used alone or in combination, such as the wheat texturates, binders and breadings, promise best texture and crispiness. A stabilization system for bright white emulsions can create visible fat particles as an effective alternative to animal fats. Neutral in taste and color, all ingredients open up numerous possibilities for the creation of trendsetting new end products. Hybrid solutions are a cost-effective way to extend meat products and their shelf life, and provide the same great taste, texture and appearance while cutting meat content. 

Healthy fun: Smart support for bakery 

Consumer demand for bakery products with a healthier nutritional profile is rising. However, sugar and carb reduction, as well as a lack of appetite for animal-derived ingredients, often present manufacturing challenges in terms of taste and texture. Here, wheat-based ingredients are the perfect solution for efficient production and attractive finished products – particularly when it comes to egg-free recipes, a glossy brown finish or the perfect adhesion of toppings. 

Confectionery: No sacrifice for pure enjoyment 

Modified wheat starches are the ideal binding substitute for gelatin without compromising on the desired sensory characteristics. One such example is plant-based wine gums out of thin-boiling starches with a low hot viscosity and excellent gel formation behavior. The gummies can be quickly and easily formed without tailing extensions or sticking to the mold. End products can be free of animal-derived ingredients, are tasty with a soft bite and, when combined with nutraceutical ingredients or natural colorants and flavors, pave the way for trendy and wholesome gum creations. 

Eye-catching: Outstanding breadings free from artificial additives  

Breadings provide not only a simple coating, but also a true sensory experience. Whether crispy, spicy, sweet or savory, Crespel & Deiters responds to different requirements with a broad range of starches and crumbs that improve adhesion and quality, while meeting consumer demand for transparency and performance. Alongside granulated crumb variations based on corn and rice, the portfolio also includes eye-catching shapes in a variety of colors. The functional ingredients optimize the breading texture and are characterized by high temperature and color stability. This ensures visual appeal even under the most demanding conditions, enabling the creation of superior, value-added breaded products.  

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Philipp Deiters, CSO of the Crespel & Deiters Group, says: “Globally, we see huge demand and market potential for our plant-based food ingredients which tick all the boxes, as they add multiple benefits to a broad range of applications, and allow for highly efficient production processes. We have witnessed strong growth in recent years and therefore see trade fairs such as IFT First not only as a means of acquiring partners, but also a way of meeting potential new employees and colleagues.”  

About Crespel & Deiters Group:  

Crespel & Deiters Group is a family-owned company established in 1858 and one of the leading producers of wheat starches and  wheat proteins in Europe. With functional products, the company creates added value for our industrial customers in the  manufacture of their end products. More than 400 employees work to achieve the goal of high quality, responsible treatment of nature, customer orientation and reliability. 

Its subsidiary, the Crespel & Deiters Food USA LP, offers industrial clients in North America non-GMO, functional, wheat-based  ingredients, as well as manufacturing expertise for sustainable, plant-based products such as authentic meat alternatives and  functional bakery, confectionary or sport nutrition goods. For further information, visit Crespel & Deiters Group Food USA or LinkedIn.

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