Cyberport Leads Eight AI-powered Start-ups to WAIC 2024

Two Named in Future Tech 100, Driving AI application and Global Opportunities

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 4 July 2024 – The “2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference” (WAIC 2024) kicked off today at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Centre. Cyberport participated in the mega event for the second consecutive year, leading eight start-ups to showcase a diverse range of AI-driven solutions, spanning across IoT systems, large language models, image generators, virtual chatbots, sales intelligence and lead generation platform, as well as platforms for child development and Special Education Needs (SEN). Among them, two Cyberport incubated start-ups: Votee AI and YouToo Robot have been selected as the “WAIC 2024 Future Tech 100”, highlighting Hong Kong’s innovative strength and international competitiveness in the field of artificial intelligence.

Cyberport leads eight Cyberport community companies to participate in the
Cyberport leads eight Cyberport community companies to participate in the “WAIC 2024 “.

The WAIC 2024, themed “Governing AI for Good and for All”, is held in Shanghai from July 4 to July 7. The conference aims to showcase the achievements of cutting-edge technologies, explore new opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence, and strive to create the world’s largest industrial ecological cluster. Cyberport is participating in the “Hong Kong Pavilion” set up by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, providing a platform for local AI-related companies to showcase their innovative achievements to international markets, allowing companies to connect to the world and demonstrate Hong Kong’s strategic position as a global innovation hub.

Rocky Cheng, CEO of Cyberport, said: “Artificial intelligence has become a global priority for business, and Hong Kong is no exception. As a leading AI hub in Hong Kong, Cyberport is now home to around 200 start-ups and technology companies dedicated to AI and data science R&D and application. We are proud to have led eight outstanding companies to participate in the World Artificial Intelligence Conference, two of which were successfully selected into the ‘Future Tech 100’ to fully demonstrate the innovative strength and international competitiveness of Hong Kong and Cyberport companies in the AI field. Cyberport will remain committed to collaborating with the Government and industry to build a thriving AI ecosystem, foster technological exchange and bridge industry collaboration, and drive the adoption of AI technologies to create greater economic and social benefits for Hong Kong.”

To promote comprehensive exchanges and cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, this year’s WAIC specially set up the “Future Tech 100 Innovation Incubation Exhibition Special Zone” to select innovative projects with practical applications or potential for industrialization in the near future. Four Hong Kong companies have been selected into the “WAIC 2024 Future Tech 100” in recognition of their forward-looking solutions, potential growth and commercial value, two of which are Cyberport incubated start-ups: Votee AI and YouToo Robot.

Votee AI, specializing in the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies for marketing research, launched a self-developed Cantonese Large Language Model in June this year to help organizations integrate generative AI with Cantonese capabilities. Additionally, the company offers solutions including Business-to-Consumer (B2C) market research, plug-in Software Development Kit (SDK), social listening and beyond for enterprises.

As for Youtoo Robot, it has developed application software for smart industrial robots to break through the technical threshold in the related fields, enabling customers without professional coding backgrounds to control the operation of robotic production line themselves. Through the use of 3D model libraries and smart templates, it allows enterprises to master automation with the ability to reprogram robots independently, rectify the robotic production lines and extend the life cycle of smart production lines to cater to the iterations of products, and foster smart transformation in the manufacturing industry.

The WAIC 2024 is co-hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Cyberspace Administration of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal Government from July 4 to July 7 in Shanghai. This year, Cyberport leads eight Cyberport community enterprises engaging in artificial intelligence-related businesses to participate, presenting Hong Kong’s potential start-ups and their achievements in innovation to the world. (Please refer to the attached table for details of participating startups).

As a leading artificial intelligence hub in Hong Kong, Cyberport is fully committed to establishing Hong Kong’s first large-scale AI Supercomputing Centre (AISC), with the first phase facility expected to start operating within this year. The computing power of the supercomputing facility is expected to reach 3,000 petaFLOPS when fully operational, equivalent to processing nearly 10 billion images in one hour.

The HKSAR Government announced the allocation of HK$3 billion in the latest Budget to support universities, research institutions and enterprises to leverage the computing power of Cyberport’s AISC. The relevant facility will enhance Hong Kong’s R&D capabilities in various area such as life and health technology, AI and data science, advanced manufacturing, and new energy technology. It will attract start-ups and research talents from the Mainland and abroad, adding to Hong Kong’s strengths in basic research and internationalization.

Additionally, Cyberport is committed to building a comprehensive ecosystem of AI technology, including computing infrastructure, basic/vertical/specialized large-scale model construction etc., and introducing System Integrator. With more than 200 start-ups specialising in the R&D of AI and big data, and with successively signed MoUs with leading companies, including Cisco, Baidu, Huawei, etc., Cyberport helps propel research, innovation and application of artificial intelligence across industries and create a comprehensive ecosystem for the development of AI technology and industries.

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