Global Industry Event: Hetao International Organization Headquarters Makes Its Debut at MWC Shanghai 2024

SHANGHAI, CHINA – Media OutReach Newswire – 2 July 2024 – Recently, the 2024 Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC Shanghai 2024) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. This influential industry event, known for connecting the Asian ecosystem, attracted experts, scholars, and industry attendees from around the world.

The Hetao International Organization Headquarters (HIOH) made its collective debut, and aims to leverage its position in Hetao and its global orientation to promote standard innovation and industrial development in relevant fields worldwide.

“1+6” Makes Its Collective Debut, Ushering in a New Chapter with Global Audiences

The HIOH was officially unveiled in January 2024. It is located in the Shenzhen Park of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, adjacent to Hong Kong, and serves as an international headquarters for industry and standards organizations. At this event, the HIOH fully showcased its “1+6” international organizations and service agency for the first time.

The “6” in “1+6” includes the following organizations:

World WLAN Application Alliance (WAA): The world’s first international industry and standards organization dedicated to WLAN application experience. Promoting international standardization, facilitating the implementation of testing and certification, and advancing global industry development are core missions of WAA. WAA has issued 8 standards, 2 industry development white papers and completed the certification of 5 products. Now, WAA has established a comprehensive testing and certification system, with preparations for testing and certification work ready. Starting from the second half of 2024, WAA will fully launch testing and certification services.

At the exhibition, WAA showcased white papers, standard documents, and several innovative network-related products. Among them, five wireless routers were tested and certified by WAA and support various WiFi 6 functions. Additionally, WAA Senior Member, Changeself Technology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd., presented the Flexwall-100 high-density real physical layer emulator from the campus scenario testing system CSWIFI600, which is part of the WAA test bed.

UHD World Association (UWA): UWA is dedicated to promoting the development of the ultra HD audio and video industry. It has released two ultra HD technology standards, HDR Vivid and Audio Vivid, which have become broadcasting and TV industry standards.

At the event, UWA set up an “Audio & HDR Vivid | UWA Wireless Home Theater Experience Room” for attendees to deeply experience the immersive audio-visual effects brought by the Audio & HDR Vivid and SparkLink technology standards.

International SparkLink Wireless Short-Range Communication Alliance (SA): SparkLink Alliance is focused on promoting innovation and industrial ecosystem of the new generation of wireless short-distance communication technology, NearLink technology. The SA has recruited over 1,000 members and has launched more than 150 products and solutions.

At MWC Shanghai 2024, the SA showcased products related to smart terminals, smart cars, smart homes, smart offices, and industrial applications under themes of “People, Vehicles, Homes and Parks.” Through on-site demonstrations, attendees experienced the superior performance of NearLink technology, characterized by low latency, high concurrency, precise synchronization, anti-interference, and high reliability.

Global Intelligent Internet Of Things Consortium (GIIC): Based on an open-source operating system and interconnected open standards, GIIC is dedicated to building a technologically advanced IoT ecosystem, promoting the high-quality development of global smart IoT.

At this event, GIIC showcased 33 approved standards, covering connections, security, testing, AI, and engineering directions for smart home interoperability. Additionally, a comprehensive product certification system was established to ensure the quality of GIIC products.

Network Innovation and Development AllianceNIDA is an international and non-profit industrial organization voluntarily initiated by industry institutions, universities, research institutes and companies from various countries around the world, focusing on promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading of IP networks. NIDA is dedicated to defining the evolution path of global internet infrastructure and network construction standards, thereby driving innovation and upgrading in the internet infrastructure industry.

At the booth, NIDA presented related white papers and solutions for fixed networks, showcasing significant achievements in network standard construction.

Global Computing Consortium (GCC): Building a New Computing Industry and Serving the Global Digital and Intelligent Society” and adhering to the concepts of “openness, innovation, collaboration, and development”, GCC is committed to promoting open innovation in the computing industry, constructing a robust and prosperous ecosystem, and supporting the sustainable development of the digital and intelligent society worldwide.

At the exhibition, GCC displayed diverse peer-to-peer computing architecture demo models, highlighting the features and advantages of the new computing architecture. They also showcased GCC’s three core business directions: promoting industry consensus on peer-to-peer computing architecture, establishing new computing standard systems, and employing multiple methods to build a robust and prosperous new computing ecosystem.

The “1” in “1+6” refers to:

Comentropy Industry and Standards Innovation Service Center (Comentropy): Aimed at providing comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and professional foundational services for the establishment, operation, and development of international industry and standards organizations. At the event, Comentropy introduced its self-developed IT platform, AllianceHub, designed to offer business support and online management functionalities for international organizations, addressing specific challenges faced by these organizations.

Bridging the World, Building a Better Future

During MWC Shanghai 2024, “1+6” held a ceremony for the Joint Initiative for the Cooperation between International Industry Organizations. This initiative is intended to enhance mutual understanding and trust between international industry and standard organizations, establish solid communication channels and platforms, and explore paths for mutual recognition between these organizations for standardization, testing, and certification. This initiative also aims to promote strategic partnerships between international industry and standard organizations as well as in-depth cooperation in areas like industry development, common technologies, international standardization, testing and certification, and application demonstrations. The release of this initiative represents a solid step taken by the HIOH to advance global industry cooperation and build new mechanisms for fostering an open economy.

To date, the international industry and standards alliances affiliated with the HIOH have achieved significant results: 130 standards drafted, 23 white papers published, 211 products tested and certified, and 1,643 members developed.

Leveraging its position in Hetao and its global orientation to jointly promote standard innovation and industrial development in relevant fields worldwide, the HIOH looks forward to communicating and interacting with global users, connecting

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